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We collaborate with health and social organizations in training programs and innovative projects. Based on the client specific needs we elaborate plans and projects working as a team together co-creating the best solution. In each case wecan offer the services of our experts either to participate directly in courses or in certain projects. We also participate in European consortia to develop complex and far-reaching projects.

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Technical Support Service in Health Transformation Projects

Language: English & Spanish
Format: Presential
Calendar: On request

Innovation x Innovators in Health

Language: Spanish & Catalan
Format: 100% remote, online
Calendar: 2023

Smart Procurement

Language: English
Format: Presential

Mobile App in Health

Language: Spanish
Format: Online
Calendar: July-September 2021

Fostering Hospitals Health Data Management- Data and Innovation

Language: English & Spanish & Catalan
Format: Face to face.3 sessions of 2h with 15 min of previous online work.
Calendar: January 2023

Introduction to Longevity Medicine Course

Language: Spanish
Format: Online. 12h
Calendar: January 2023

Wellbeing and Psychological Health Plans in Health Organizations

Language: Catalan & Spanish
Format: Presential and Online
Calendar: January 2023

International Màster in Medical Technologies

Language: English
Format: Online

Digital Health Course and Digital Transformation

Language: Catalan
Format: Online 15h.
Calendar: September 2022

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