Addressed: Managers, directors, heads of service and human resources teams
Language: Spanish & Catalan
Format: Hybrid
Calendar: 2023
Duration: Depends on the program.
Teaching and learning methodologies: Combining different pedagogical methods: knowledge, debates, practical exercises, readings, hard-soft (skills and motivation), videos, surveys, etc. Collaborative learning through individual participation and group work.
By prioritizing leadership and transversal skills in hospital settings, we can create a culture that fosters employee well-being, reduces stress and burnout, and ultimately improves patient outcomes. It is essential for hospital administrators and leaders to invest in training programs that develop these skills among clinical professionals to ensure a sustainable and resilient healthcare workforce.

  • Program EGEL- Excellence in Work Stress Management
  • Program SPT- Psych-emotional Support in the Workplace
  • Program ATENEA- Organizational Talent and Cultural Transformation
  • Program LTO- Leadership in the transformation of organizations
  • Program IEAE- Promotion of High Excellence Teams
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