Addressed: Health professionals, essentially doctors, nurses, managers and other professionals who work or manage patient assistance activities, in hospitals or in primary care.
Language: Catalan
Format: Face-to-face
Calendar: 18 January 2024
Duration: 5h
Content: AI is making significant advancements day by day and ChatGPT is one of the prominent tools. The natural language processing model developed by OpenAI is capable of generating human-like responses to a wide range of queries. These technologies will undoubtedly have a transformative impact on the way healthcare providers deliver care to the user.

Today’s AI tools make it much more affordable to create and implement resources to support the work of professionals in multiple areas:

– Clinical decision support
– Patient triage
– Virtual assistants for telemedicine
– Remote patient monitoring
– Medical record keeping
– Medical writing and documentation
– Disease surveillance –
– Clinical trial recruitment
– Drug information management
– Support to mental health

Team: The inex team that has designed and will carry out the workshop is made up of:

  • Michelle Catta-Preta : Co-founder of Innex Labs and SmartDelphi. Innovation Consultant. Researcher in Collective Intelligence at the UPC. Professor of AI applied to e-Health projects at the Erasmus BIP of the Dugendorf Institute of Technology (Germany).
  • Àlex Trejo : CTO and co-founder of Innex Labs and SmartDelphi. Associate Professor at the UPC. Expert in the application of Generative AI technologies in the field of health.
  • Josep Mª Monguet : CRO and co-founder of Innex Labs and SmartDelphi. Professor at the UPC where he has held various managerial positions.
  • Jan Ferrer : UPC researcher and co-founder of the Institute for the Future. Participates in several projects at Innex Labs in the application of digital tools to health.
  • Coordination Joan Cornet. InnoHealth Academy.
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