Organisations should have a plan to address mental wellbeing of workers. This plan needs to support the entire spectrum of mental health (from promotion of protecting factors to sensitivity and timely action to “warning signals” at individual level as well as changing workplace hazards that may cause psychological harm to workers). This action point is directed at senior managers of all organisations with a high share of essential workers.

Addressed: Hospital Managers, Steering Committee, Heads of Service. Responsible for occupational health.


  1. Acquire knowledge for an early detection of the symptomatology of psychological health problems and discomfort of professionals.
  2. Establish a framework of psychological safety for the human team with motivational leadership.
  3. Generate capacities in psychological first aid (PFA) to establish an appropriate interaction with workers who may go through specific psychological difficulties
  4. Determine the external and internal organizational factors that produce discomfort, stress, anxiety, and burnout
  5. Implement a Wellness and Psychological Health Plan for the Organization with a strategy, objectives and actions developed jointly.
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January 2023
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