Are you an expert in Healthcare Transformation?

Suppose you are passionate about innovation and want to be part of a community of experts willing to advise, accompany, design, train or evaluate projects in the health ecosystem. In that case, we invite you to become a member of InnoHealth Academy.

Fostering spaces for collaboration between professionals and organisations to improve health services

Our community is made up of high-level professionals who work or are involved in innovation-related activities: managers and executives, technologists, programmers, investors and professionals from industry and start-ups, and experts in Biotech, MedTech and Digital Health.

Knowledge and experience

Be part of the cadre of experts who provide excellence by giving conferences, participating as a speaker at congresses or giving courses, masterclasses, masters or seminars.

Digital transformation projects

Participate as a team leader or member, mentor or evaluator in local or international projects.

Organisational change

Advise and implement innovation strategies in organisations and their teams.

Advantages of being a member of InnoHealth Academy

We support the talent of our members and provide opportunities for visibility, connection, and recognition. Our priority is to create and maintain academic and scientific links that change the health ecosystem.

If you decide to join our membership, these are the benefits:

  • Access the entire database of experts with quick and effective contact.
  • Share best practices and identify experts to help you with a particular project or service.
  • Visibility in front of potential customers and at our activities.
  • Facilitating connections with head-hunters to make known your talent, skills, and experience.
  • Being an opinion leader in the media.
  • Advise health authorities when necessary.
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Membership Requirements

  • Stipulated rules
    Follow the rules of confidentiality, transparency, and a code of ethics.
  • Personal attitude
    Be willing to work with a team spirit and work hand in hand with the teams of the organisations/clients.
  • Project agreements
    To agree on a model upon for your services. You will also be compensate if you bring a new project/service to InnoHealth Academy.
  • Social image
    Permission to use your image and biography in some instances.
  • Membership
    Accept conditions for termination of membership.
  • Contractual arrangements
    InnoHealth is a partnership, and experts are not employees. According to the contract with the client, invoices will pay for projects or activities in which you may be involved. Membership does not guarantee a contract.
Access to the expert databases
Become part of the network of health innovators
International visibility
Participate in projects of your interest
Have your talent known beyond your national borders
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Services we provide

  • Our Training Ecosystem

  • Innovation Project drafting

  • Organisational change assessment

We provide Transformative learning and University accreditation

Our training ecosystem