Why IHA Training?

Training and the acquisition of new skills are essential to innovate, implement innovations, and transform health services.

Developing future Skills

The landscape of health services delivery is undergoing a significant transformation from fragmented and disease-centred towards integrated and people-centred care. Health workers find themselves at the centre of this transformation that demands commensurate changes in the skill set employed in day-to-day practice, amongst other challenges.

Anticipating future skills needs for health professionals is crucial to meet the new demands of health care, for example:

The shift from care in hospitals to providing care closer to home - to cope with elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.

The growth of new technologies, new medical appliances, and diagnostic techniques, which require technical know-how in addition to clinical knowledge.

The expansion of e-health and Telemedicine, which enables distance diagnostics and therapeutic follow-up services, requires new ways of working.

IHA Training and Projects Database

What kind of training can InnoHealth Academy provide

Digital and Innovation skills

  1. Smart Devices for Healthcare Professionals.
  2. Connected patient.
  3. Cybersecurity in healthcare practice.
  4. Innovation and research, from the idea to the market.
  5. Leadership skills for implementing digital transformation.
  6. IA and Machine Learning for Precision Medicine.
  7. Market regulations and digital procurement.
  8. Legal and ethical aspects.

Transversal skills

IHA is prepared to provide transversal competence training, including interpersonal skills, such as person-centred communication, teamwork, self-awareness, and socio-cultural sensitivity. Also analytical skills, adaptive problem-solving skills to devise personalized care, systems thinking, openness to continuous learning and the ability to use digital technologies effectively.

We are working to improve the training offered

Organisational Change
Management Skills

Courses on leadership in digital transformation and change management.

Skills for
Next Generation Procurement

Skills for Procurement Next Generation.

Hospital Sustainability and Environmental Footprint

Life cycle assessment ISO-standards 14044 and 14040.

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