Spain will host the first health congress in the metaverse on October 27

On October 27, Spain will host its first health event in the metaverse . It is also one of the first contests on this subject worldwide. Organized by Hospital Metaverso and in collaboration with Uttopion, the HealthCare Congress in the metaverse will address the key issues in the application of this technology in the provision and organization of health services in all their dimensions.

With the metaverse , virtual health care options are opening up with an interaction “that can allow the use of scientific evidence and artificial intelligence in a special way in the care process with traceability and validation in blockchain,” according to the organization in a statement

Organization of the HealthCare Congress

HealthCare Congress in the metaverse is an initiative of Hospital Metaverso, under the direction of a team made up of Leyre Martin as head of Medical Management, Sara Martínez as CSO and José Martínez Olmos as head of Institutional Relations. It has an omnichannel communication infrastructure to facilitate solutions provided by Kron World, a Spanish company led by benchmarks in enabling technologies and committed to European and international standards in Blockchain and Distributed Registry Technologies (DLT) that allow the development of the Unit functional hospital entirely in metaverse.

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