New “neutral” artificial intelligence center in the Swiss Alps

In Davos, a group of scientists from around the world try to develop algorithms with human intelligence. The Swiss alpine town aims to become a “politically neutral” AI research center to counter the influence of China and the United States.

In the historic center of Davos, scientists are trying to understand the principles of human intelligence. They are convinced that decoding the brain is the key to developing artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of humanity and not autocratic governments or certain associations. In this way, they hope to contribute to solving the greatest challenges of our century, such as climate change and diseases.

Thanks to its status as a neutral country with a strong research sector, Switzerland has the potential to challenge the approaches of China and the United States, which have exploited AI to impose their models of power: dictatorship on the one hand and capitalism on the other. “Globally, we need a third AI research center that does not function as a corporation or a state-owned company,” says Davos Mayor Philipp Wilhelm. “What is missing is a neutral, independent and humanistic approach.”