Addressed: Health professionals, essentially doctors, nurses, managers and other professionals who work or manage patient assistance activities, in hospitals or in primary care.
Language: Catalan
Format: Online tutoring
Calendar: July 18,- September 18, 2024
Duration: 30h

General objectives :

  • Provide basic knowledge about aging and improving the quality of life in old age.

Specific objectives :

  • Know the sciences that study aging.
  • Know the current vision of ageing, health and well-being.
  • Understand the framework of aging theories and updates.
  • Discover how to improve the quality of life throughout old age.
  • Update on existing research, science and therapies on healthy aging and longevity.

Course participants will receive a certificate of utilization issued by UCF, after passing the assessment requirements.


  • Module 1. Longevity (6h)
    • Medicine of Longevity
      • Geriatrics, Gerontology and Geroscience.
    • Epidemiology, sociology and economics of aging. Impact on public and global health.
    • Vision and perspectives of this decade of Healthy Aging
  • Module 2. Aging (6h)
    • What is aging: Definition and characteristics.
    • Mechanisms of aging: latest research.
    • Biomarkers of aging: selection criteria
  • Module 3. Lifestyle interventions for healthy longevity (6h)
    • Environment and aging
    • Nutrition: food as a basis for health throughout our years.
    • Physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle and its influence on ageing.
    • Sleep and rest
  • Module 4. Psychology of aging (6h)
    • Cognitive aging
    • Personality changes
    • emotional well-being
    • Social relations
    • Healthy aging
  • Module 5. Current research, science, therapy and diagnosis in healthy aging (6h)
    • Senolítics i Geroprotectors
    • Gene therapies
      • Recent research into drugs or active ingredients that promote longevity
  • Module 6. Future longevity: Designing a synergistic approach to planetary health and sustainability
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