China opens the world’s first AI hospital: 14 doctors will treat 10,000 patients in a few days

  • The country has inaugurated the Agent Hospital, a virtual facility with 14 doctors and four nurses created with Artificial Intelligence

  • It is an idea developed by researchers at Tsinghua University that “will revolutionize the treatment and diagnosis of patients”

  • Three Spaniards have managed to control their inoperable pancreatic cancer thanks to Artificial Intelligence

The covid19 pandemic demonstrated the hospital saturation that health systems can reach in times of crisis, although, in Spain, primary care is the weakest leg of our medical structure. Health professionals find themselves unable to properly care for their patients , since they are few and the sick are many, and the waiting lists to get a simple prescription are increasingly extensive. The refusal of doctors to dedicate just a few minutes to the diagnosis of a patient – who must know, at least, the minimum details of their file – has diverted all eyes to the limitless capacity of Artificial Intelligence.

China, an inherently promoting country, has gone ahead and stepped on the accelerator of the algorithmic race and has already inaugurated the first AI hospital in the world, called ‘Agent Hospital’. It is a virtual facility, with 14 doctors and 4 nurses, also virtual, who, according to the British newspaper Daily Express , will be able to “care for 10,000 patients in just a few days.” A figure that human health workers, defenders of personalized treatment, would take at least two years to equal.

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