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WAME Releases Recommendations on ChatGPT

Journals have begun to publish papers in which chatbots such as ChatGPT are shown as co-authors. The following WAME recommendations are intended to inform editors and help them develop policies regarding chatbots for their journals, to help authors understand how use of chatbots might be attributed in their work, and address the need for all journal editors to have access manuscript screening tools. In this rapidly evolving field, we expect these recommendations to evolve as well.

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We can achieve optimal health by looking outside the healthcare matrix

The blueprint to achieve a lifetime of great health is increasingly clear and within our control. But unlocking it requires challenging the orthodoxies currently guiding individuals and institutions.
Each day, millions of well-intended healthcare professionals, scientists, and public health officials work diligently to improve our health.1 Their work has had a profoundly positive impact on global health over the past 50 years and deserves our admiration.

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