A cardiologist successfully performs the first medical consultation in the Aimedis Metaverso

Presented in Barcelona

The achievement was presented at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, held last August in Barcelona, ​​and was simultaneously published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology . The project was carried out Dr. Skalidis and the Cardiology teams of the University Hospitals of Heraklion in Greece and Lausanne, Switzerland.

 Metaverse and medicine in Aimedis


The metaverse medical device was able to perform a completely safe and reliable hospital-grade electrocardiogram (ECG), providing real-time data. In this way, when chest discomfort reappeared, the patient could be seen in a very short time. The results of the electrocardiogram (ECG) performed by the D-Heart device were normal, so Dr. Skalidis was able to reassure the patient. In this way, the metaverse is revealed as a very useful tool for patients who live far from hospitals.

We tell you the differences between the different types of metaverses

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